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Stream the light of your soul directly onto your daily life. The Akashic Records are a dimension empowering our authentic growth and development into consciously soul-led beings. Join Dr. Linda Howe for this live, online event – no matter where in the world your feet are! Dr. Linda Howe will lead with a meditation from her new comprehensive guide, The Akashic Records Revealed. In conversation with Steffany Barton, they'll discuss real-world challenges, both personal and universal. Discover how engaging in the Akashic Records can be like jet fuel accelerating our liberation from perceived limitations. Ignite your Soul's Purposes for your own personal fulfillment and also for the betterment of our shared world. Linda will be sharing an announcement and will take a few questions at the end. Those who register for this event will receive exclusive offers on June 14. Join Dr. Linda Howe for your own personal empowerment and transformation!
Dr. Linda Howe
Spirituality > Akashic Records
Recorded: Apr 26, 2022 at 01:10 pm EDT
Here is a special gift just for you: recordings of three Akashic Light Meditations shared by Dr. Linda Howe. These meditations may be found in her fifth book, "The Heart of the Akashic Records Revealed: A Comprehensive Guide to the Teachings of the Pathway Prayer Process". The three recordings correspond to meditations from the three levels of Certification Classes Dr. Howe offers. If you would like to go deeper, see the Resources tab for opportunities for continued spiritual and personal empowerment through the Akashic Records, including the Akashic Experience "How to Read Your Own Akashic Records" for only $24 (with exclusive code: How-to-Read). This offering is for those seekers who are curious to sample this work. For those who are ready to delve in deeper, Level I-III Classes offer a pathway to Certification, where you learn to read the Akashic Records for others. Welcome to this supportive global community for life-long learning and exploration of the Akashic Records.
If you've ever been curious about the Akashic Records Teacher Training, join Dr. Linda Howe and learn about the requirements and opportunities of the Teacher Training. There will be time for any questions you may have. Whether you are fairly new to spiritual healing work or are currently a Lightworker looking for another way to serve others, we welcome you on this path. Our need to anchor more Akashic Light, Love, and Wisdom is greater than ever before. And requires that we do this together. We hope you will join Dr. Linda Howe and this supportive global community in tapping into your soul-level wisdom and sharing your unique gifts with the world.
This is a Free Online Webinar that serves as an introduction into the Akashic Records. It is meant for you- the spiritual seekers and lightworker that is looking to add another spiritual tool to navigate your journey and bring transformation into your life and lives of others and would like to know if the Akashic Records are that resource and tool for you. After this webinar you will have a clear understanding what the Akashic Records are, what you can use them for and if you would like to pursue accessing and reading the Akashic Records. You will also be introduced to a method you can use to access your own Akashic Records and get powerful tips that can help you prepare and read the Akashic Records easier and more efficiently.
Manifest What’s Possible in 2022 What can I do today for myself and others that will make me happy?  How do I identify my soul’s work and manifest it at this time when the way we do things seems to have been turned upside down?  How do I learn to love myself, others and the entirety of humanity?  Join Dr. Linda Howe for this FREE one hour experience. Infuse your new year with inspiration. Find out what's possible for your through the Akashic Records including: • Tapping into your  infinite wisdom and goodness – using Akashic Light • Identifying your destiny, soul's purposes and obstacles • Clearing obstructions, finding freedom and manifesting your truth • Being supercharged with meaning, purpose and fulfillment In these times of dramatic change, your soul’s gifts are exactly what this world needs.  Free yourself from limiting patterns – and clear obstructions from your destiny to realize your full potential.
Learn how to read the Akashic Records for yourself. The Records (aka The Book of Life) have served humanity throughout our unfolding by being an extraordinary state through which we can receive Soul-level illumination at a manageable rate, and integrate it into our everyday human experience. In this class, you’ll learn everything necessary to begin your practice of working in the Records, including the history, nature, organization of the Records, appropriate uses of this spiritual resource, guidelines for your success as well as exercises introducing you to this realm. Discover how to mine the Akashic Records for your personal growth and transformation.
Propel your growth into greater prosperity using principles gleaned from the Akashic Records. Recognize your prosperity potential at this time in your life. Identify pathways to measurable progress. Learn the 7 stages of Akashic Acceleration. Ground yourself in the Akashic Approach to Prosperity Succeed in the face of obstructions, exercise your ability to exceed expectations, and thrive no matter what happens in the world. Enjoy the abundance of life…..All the goodness you deserve!