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Thirty years ago, when Dr. Linda Howe first encountered the Akashic Records - the archive of our souls journey -- she felt that she had come home. Just two years later, she began teaching and never looked back! Having engaged in spiritual studies throughout her adult life, Linda now embarked on an Amazing Akashic Adventure, navigating sacred infinity. By making her Pathway Prayer Process(c) to access the heart of the Records freely available, Linda started a global movement enabling secular people to now consciously and reliably access the Records for themselves and others. Over the years, an inspired, comprehensive curriculum was revealed to her, and in 2002 she founded her Center for Akashic Studies to expand the reach of Akashic Light and Love throughout the world. Through her Certification classes and award-winning books, Linda offers methodology designed to help students consciously and responsibly experience and express their souls purposes, and engage the Records directly for insight, guidance, and practical spiritual wisdom. And now, by popular demand, Linda offers video classes online to make her work even more accessible to seekers across the globe. LHOCAS - the Linda Howe Online Center for Akashic Studies - offers you both live and on-demand (prerecorded) classes, as well as classes that offer a combination of approaches. In LHOCAS, you can work with Linda or with one of her Elite Certified Teachers, each of whom she has thoroughly trained. . Certification classes are developed and delivered by Linda. Inspire and illuminate your spiritual path as you learn the fundamentals for a dynamic soul-level connection within your Akashic Records. These are foundation classes for Lindas method - including her Pathway Prayer Process(c) - and are recognized as requirements for the 2021 Teacher Certification Training, . Discover various ways of working in the Akashic Records to accelerate your personal growth and transformation with the LHOCAS Enrichment Series. Sessions are developed by Elite Certified Teachers to support your practice in the Records, using the Pathway Prayer Process(c).These sessions are not intended to be foundation classes for Lindas method, and are not a substitute for Certification Classes.
My Akashic Records journey began in 2011 after searching for answers to a health challenge I could not resolve. For the first time, I could not find solace or relief in any of my go-to practices - meditation, herbs, dietary adjustments, energy work, divination cards, affirmations, prayer, angel therapy, etc. Everything I tried seemed to fall short, and I was drowning in self-doubt, confusion, and despair. During my first Akashic Records reading in the spring of 2011, I was given a glimpse into what was going on in my body, and it provided such a sense of relief and hope that I knew this was something I needed to explore further. Within a couple of months of my reading, I was a certified Practitioner in the Pathway Prayer Process (c). Even though my primary concern at the time was to seek solutions for my body; I found that as I continued to work in my Records and read for others, I began to experience an increased ability to love and accept myself. More surprisingly, I discovered a new level of peace regarding my health that I never dreamed possible. By 2013, I knew I wanted to be able to do more than give readings to others - I wanted to empower others to access this loving, infinite spiritual resource on their own. I completed Dr. Howe's Teacher Certification program in 2014 and have been teaching ever since. In June 2019, I earned my Elite Certified Teacher status with Dr. Howe.
In 2012, after years of working as an attorney and caring for her parents, Debbie started a new life on the west coast and a new path as an intuitive. That year, when she had a reading with Linda Howe, she knew that she had found an important teacher. The following year, she completed her Certified Teacher Training. In 2019 Debbie became an Elite Certified Teacher.
I am super passionate about sharing the Akashic Records with other spiritual seekers because it is one of the most empowering, healing and transformational spiritual resources I came across. I am honored to be the guide and instructor to all that are called to begin the most extraordinary relationship with the Records. My journey into the Records started in 2012 while I was grieving the loss of my father and seeking for deeper meaning in life, but I found so much more. The Records became a part of my spiritual practice, my purpose and a big part of my work. I have studied with Dr. Linda Howe since 2012 and in 2014 I received my teacher's certification. I am also an intuitive and a certified spiritual coach. I am dedicated to continuing to expand my knowledge of the Akasha and being a part of this wonderful community through Dr. Howe's Center for the Akashic studies.
For more than a decade, Patty Collinsworth has been connecting students and clients with the Akashic Records. Patty teaches classes throughout New England in the U.S. and has an active reading business helping clients. She is an Elite Certified Teacher of Dr. Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process (c) to access the heart of the Akashic Records. Patty has trained directly with Linda, the groundbreaking author of How to Read the Akashic Records, Healing through the Akashic Records, and Discover Your Soul's Path Through the Akashic Records.
Since I was a child, I knew there was something more to this world than what I was experiencing around me. After a life diversion from an early search for an understanding of my spiritual self, I began re-visiting this aspect of myself in 2011. A lifelong learner, I soaked up everything I could. I became a Reiki Master, a certified yoga teacher, studied ho'oponopono, worked on meditation teacher certification, among others. Although I learned a lot along the way, nothing really felt totally "right" or made me want to dig deeper. Until I experienced the Akashic realm. Three years after my first reading took place, I am finishing my Certified Teacher Training with Dr. Linda Howe. Life is good.
上天在我出生時,賜予我一雙獨一無二的幸運之手。這雙手使我飽受同學的嘲笑、凌辱,甚至因此我成為同學們的暴力發洩對像,也令長大後的我的感情生活,慘遭遺棄。一直的感情和工作都並不如意,懷著以往的經歷,強烈被害的感覺。 2005年開始踏上靈性之路,學習將靈性加注入生活中,讓自己活得更輕鬆、愉快。2014年創辨身心靈工作室Samslight Workshop,2018年初接觸阿卡西紀錄,2019年跟隨Dr. Linda Howe老師學習阿卡西紀錄解讀,三年間開啟接近一千個個案紀錄,更真正深入認識,並明了三維世界中的二元對立,是無法讓人健康、快樂,唯有放下小我,直接通往神聖境界,被自己靈魂的無條件的愛所包圍,把這種愛的溫暖感和生活的智慧,帶回到這個地球上,才發現一直把自己陷入恐慌的人,就是三維世界中的自己 (小我)。 2021年光和愛的帶領下,成為了香港第一位 Linda Howe Centre for Akashic Studies 的認證導師。我感到自豪,並不是一紙認證,而是感覺到自己心中的枷鎖,已經真正、完全被打開,我能夠和自己的小我和諧共處,也會愛我生命裡面出現的每個生命,因為愛是唯一能夠療癒生命的原素。我感到自豪,因為我能夠承傳老師這一套美妙的系統,讓更多人能夠無條件地愛自己和他人。 Only LOVE is real. Our spiritual journey toward ONENESS. Samantha Yu (2021年5月 香港)
Cada vez que alguien me pide que me presente, que me defina... me quedo en blanco, las palabras desaparecen. No entiendo la pregunta. ¿Quien soy? Simplemente soy, estoy en un tránsito permanente en el fascinante camino que es la vida. Podría hablar de ese camino que he elegido, de sus sucesos, enseñanzas, sorpresas, momentos complicados, momentos hermosos. Sigo ahí, en el camino, agradeciendo cada momento, cada encuentro. A veces maestra, siempre estudiante. Abriendo el corazón día a día, sanando, sintiendo el cuerpo, tomando consciencia del propio camino, compartiéndolo. Cada vez más consciente de los enlaces luminosos que nos conectan a todos, de la gracia divina que nos envuelve, que percibo en un gesto, en una mirada, una sonrisa, una risa; en la luz que a veces veo tan claramente brillar en cada uno de nosotros; en la belleza de un árbol, de una flor, de una montaña, de un lago, de un atardecer rojizo en la carretera; en ese viento que trae mensajes que nos conectan con todos los seres con los que compartimos este hermoso planeta. En este proceso de autodescubrimiento, sanación y toma de consciencia conectarme con mis propios Registros Akáshicos fue un momento crucial para mi. Luego, apoyando a otras personas abriendo sus Registros Akáshicos empecé a percibir con más facilidad y claridad la luz y el amor que hay en cada uno de nosotros y en mi misma. Las sesiones y encuentros donde puedo compartir todas estas enseñanzas de los Registros Akáshicos que a mi me transmitió Linda Howe y que he ido experimentando estos años son un regalo que agradezco cada día. Y cuando se trata de ir integrando esta realidad ninguna herramienta me ha resonado más que la kinesiología. Aquí estoy, ahora. El amor es sanación.
Diana Tien is an Advanced Certified Practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process© into the Heart of the Akashic Records from the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies.
Christine Zenino is a certified Akashic Record Practitioner and Teacher. She teaches meditation and spiritual classes online and in-person.
Rachel Zargo offers 20 years of marketing and design experience – combining the skills of strategic planning and execution. Rachel bridges the gap between the knowledge of corporate marketing with community building. This rare combination of perspectives empowers clients to get to the heart of what's most important in their marketing efforts in order to streamline and make the most of limited resources.
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